Tomcat configuration explanation

Hi all,

I have just finished task with Tomcat installation and configuration and I would like to ask you for explanation because there is something what is not clear to me.
I configured Tomcat to run/ listen on port 6400. When I did ''curl localhost:6400" I got the content of the website (see screenshot).tomcat-task

So I assume when I visit the server IP with port 6400 (as configured) I will get the same content when I did curl but it didn’ t work.
However when I visited the server IP with port 80 I got the same content when I did curl command. Can anyone explain me this?

Thank you in advance.

@Inderpreet or anybody else, could you please give me an explanation for the example above?

@Ayman, @kodekloud-support3, @Inderpreet could you please take a look in my task?

Thank you in advance,