Today, I passed the LFCS exam. Thank you @Aaron Lockhart. Without this course, . . .

Meletis Papadopoulos:
Today, I passed the LFCS exam.

Thank you @Aaron Lockhart. Without this course, I wouldn’t be able to pass an exam with limited available resources.

Also, thank you @Alistair Mackay for the overall assistance with lab questions.

Finally, I would like to thank everybody else in this thread who provided invaluable information.

Having said that, I would like to also point out the negative experience I had with PSI. I had 15 minutes left to complete my final task on the exam and the terminal on node-1 froze out of the blue. I couldn’t type anything. According to LF is it advised not to restart the main node as it would require at least 15 minutes to restart the underlying infrastructure.

I immediately notified the proctor and asked for assistance. After going back the forth they asked technical support to be involved.
In the meantime, the proctor didn’t freeze the exam time and the clock was ticking. When I spoke to tech support they started the process by verifying my credentials, the exam I was taking, the nature of the issue etc. which amounted to more minutes being lost.

Finally, tech support offered to restart the node, but at this point I run out of time and was notified that nothing further could be done as the exam ended. I still don’t understand why the proctor didn’t immediately pause the timer when I notified them? Tech support opened a ticket which didn’t really address anything as far as I am concerned. I was literally one task away from wrapping up the exam with enough time to deal with it. One task I knew how to solve and lost more points as a result.

Has anybody experienced anything of similar nature? If so, how did you resolve it? Have you had any problems with PSI before, or was I the unlucky one? :grinning:
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Trung Tran:

Aaron Lockhart:
Congratulations, @Meletis Papadopoulos!

Alistair Mackay:
Συγχαρητήρια @Meletis Papadopoulos !

Congrats on your certification! Yes, I had a similar issue when the copy and paste feature no longer worked and I immediately reached out to tech support. By the time they came through, the copy and paste feature worked again and they were planning to pause my exam, but I told them they don’t need to do this as everything was back to normal again. They should have paused your exam, but at the end of the day, you still managed to pass with the last question not being answered completely. Congrats!

Meletis Papadopoulos:
Hello @Yos. Thank you. Your advice regarding the firewall and terminal tabs really saved me. I had to disable my antivirus and also used a second tab for copying and pasting. I guess they should have paused the time indeed.

Happy to help, are you also planning to take the RHCSA? I know this exam is a bit harder than LFCS.

Meletis Papadopoulos:
@Yos. I wanted to take LFCE after LFCS but realized the exam was recently retired. Since that is the case I may be taking RHCSA because it’s a prerequisite for RHCE. Have you taken any of those exams?

@Meletis Papadopoulos Oh yes, I saw the LFCE is no longer available so I decided to move towards Red Hat certs. I am working on RHCSA right now at the moment and plan to take the exam next month, they don’t have any openings for remote this whole month. We can chat on private to go over some stuff on Red Hat certs.

Isaac Newton:
Please take me in as well. I cleared my Redhat Ex 358 Exam yesterday and I am planning to give RHCSA soon.

Isaac Newton:
Congratulations @Meletis Papadopoulos

Meletis Papadopoulos:
@Isaac Newton Thank you very much. Congratulations to you as well.

Isaac Newton:
Is LFCS an objective type exam?

Meletis Papadopoulos:
It’s command line based (not a multiple choice test). Basically, they provide you with a list of tasks that you have to perform on a terminal.

Isaac Newton:
Ok same goes with RHCSA.