Time out on finishing IPtables task

Hi KodeKloud, I cannot complete the “IPtables Installation And Configuration” task because it will time out every time when I click the Finish button. I am sure I have installed and added iptables rules correctly, but it seems the system couldn’t verify the result.

Hello, Stanley
What do you mean by timeout every time?

i’m too experiencing the same issue.

Refer the below screenshot for timeout .

The timeout happens when I click Finish button after completing the task, and the evaluation process goes on and on, eventually comes back to time counting down page and nothing happens.

Issue still persists. Unable to mark “Finish” the Iptables task . Its keep on validating the work and timeout .

Sorry about that. We are looking into this…

Thank you Mumshad for looking into this . Please let us know once this is fixed.

Hi, It should be fixed now. Could you guys give it an another try ? let us know if you still face this issue.

It is fixed. Thank you very much.

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