This course is awesome. Should i take notes?

Thank you Mumshad and the KodeKloud team for this excellent course. The train is right on track now. Woah, woah!!!
Do I have to take notes in this course, I really want to excel in Devops so 'Don’t wanna miss a thing.

So far it seems like there is no need as the teaching is firing me up already. Captian, I’m ready to sail.!!!

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Hi @Sanjith-R-Warrier,

We’re glad that you enjoyed the learning course, KK is the learn-by-doing platform so it is optional to take notes, you can learn via doing the labs, whenever you feel missing something, you can ask here or in the #slack channels, or revisit the course.

Keep learning and moving forward,

Thx for the reply Trung.

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