There are no hands-on labs for the Az-104 course?

Good day, Team.
I don’t see any links to hands-on labs on Azure AZ-104: Rithin Skaria, Author teaches Microsoft Azure Administrator.
Is there any hint?

Hi @Sam-D,
We have provided the MCQ-based questions lab because you will see the same in the official exam. I hope it clears your doubt.

We have an Azure cloud playground; you can practice on this playground.

Before that, please check the list of services, we provide:



Hi, Tej

Thank you for your rapid response. You have displayed hands on Lab for standard subscription; however, you should remove this feature because it is not available in the standard option.

Azure Playground is one of the PRO options.

This appears to be deceptive.

Best wishes,

Dalvi, Sameer

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