The Pod CIDR block overlap with VPC CIDR BLock

Hi i am new in kubernetes.i want to create multiple cluster in same vpc

my service cidr is
but when i put pod cidr block 10.0.0/12 it says its overlapping.previously i have used its default but now its creating issue.can any one please help me in this regard.

Hello @kkopsmirpur
Can you please share more details like where are you trying to setup & configure your k8s cluster?

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hi @Tej-Singh-Rana its in alicloud kubernetes.

Take help of this docs and this time try to give different CIDR block for POD and shouldn’t be match with the VPC CIDR, SERVICE CIDR: -

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If you are not sure what IP range this CIDR block will cover then go with this calculator: -

Thanks its solved.after doing VLSM