Terraform For Absolute Beginners course inconsistencies with Labs

Hi all,

As I am going through the Terraform for Absolute Beginners course on Udemy by Mumshad Mannambeth, KodeKloud Training, and Vijin Palazhi I am finding inconsistent or non-existent information. I am going through the course, paying close attention, and even taking notes. Sometimes, when I arrive at the labs, there is a question or a piece of code that I have to write that did not appear or was not mentioned at all in the lecture.

Case in point:

This question in the lab asks what format the Terraform State files (terraform.tfstate) are in. The only reason why I knew the answer is because I’ve seen JSON code before. But, my gripe is that in the lecture there was absolutely no mention about what format Terraform State files use at all. I combed through the section (Section 5: Terraform State) and could not find any mention of it at all (see screenshot #2)

This is not the first time this has happened while I’m making my way through the course. The other times it happened, I thought it was just a fluke, but now I’m wondering why there are these small albeit important inconsistencies?

Thank you for reading.

Hello @Federico-Olmedo
Please refer to this lecture https://kodekloud.com/topic/introduction-to-terraform-state/ @2:55

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Ahh, thank you Ayman. I think I missed it because the automatically generated subtitles are not correct. The transcript reads “The state file is a Jaeson data structure that maps…” so when I tried to look for the word JSON, I missed it because it transcripts it incorrectly.

It seems like your subtitles are written correctly. Is that exclusive to KodeKloud? If so, although I bought the course on Udemy, may I still access it on KodeKloud to access correct subtitles? I like to read as the instructor speaks. No big deal if it is not possible. Thanks again.

Hi @Ayman , I was wondering if you had a chance to provide any guidance to my previous question? I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, I was wondering if you could also please help me find where the terraform state list command is mentioned in the lectures. I just finished LAB: COUNT AND FOR EACH. The last question of the lab had me stumped, so I clicked the Hint button for help and it said to use the terraform state list command. I went back through the slides, and also searched the automated transcript for the word “list”, and there was no mention of that particular command. Could you please help me find it?

Thank you and happy holidays!