Terraform Associate Certification Course: Clarification for MCQ - Datasources, Question 5 of 12

Please provide clarification for the following:
In the Terraform Associate Certification Course under Variables, Resource Attributes and Dependencies, MCQ - Datasources, the following question is asked:
When a module has multiple configurations for the same provider, which meta-argument can you use to specify the configuration?
My answer was “providers”
The correct answer is identified as “provider”.
However, The Module providers Meta-Argument - Configuration Language | Terraform by HashiCorp has the following:
When to Specify Providers
There are two main reasons to use the providers argument:
Using different default provider configurations for a child module.
Configuring a module that requires multiple configurations of the same provider.

Hi @Jason.chambers31

Yup, the Hashicorp documentation does indeed say that.
I’ll pass this on for you.


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This has been resolved.
Thanks for your prompt feedback. @Jason.chambers31

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