Terminal Starts but the task doesn't load

I received a task (Linux User Expiry) and tried to start it by clicking “GO”, the terminal starts without issue but I got error on the task itself. Is it from your side because I have no problem with my Internet connection.
See the screenshot attached.

Hi @LuHa

Thanks for reporting this. It seems to be loading fine at our end so there might be some temporary issue. Can you please try again and let us know in case you still face this issue.

Thanks @Inderpreet for replying. I tried three times today and it is completely the same. See screenshot.

Strange! Which browser you are using btw ? Also is it the only lab you are facing issue with ?

Yes, it is very strange. I use chrome. I have never had this kind of problem with the previous tasks. Even I received a new task this morning and I can open it without issue. This (Linux User Expiry) task is already expired on my dashboard. So would you reassign me and I will check it on other browser.