Terminal Issue : Too slow

I’m preparing the CKA test and I’m going to take the test this weekend.
So, I’d check all practice labs, especially Lighting and Mock test.

But the lab teminal TOO MUCH SLOW so that I can’t do anything.
What’s even weird thing is that I’m the only one who’s slow.

Other people(recently applied) who are preparing with me do not have this problem.

I tested it under various conditions to make sure this was exactly the case.
Result was the same only on my account.

Is there any solution for this?

Hi @crazypterpan,
What’s your browser?


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana

Now, I am also facing same issue since morning. Terminal is slow and do not see option to paste the content in “vi” editor. Tried by removing the cache and cookies but no luck.

Browser version : Chrome 113.0.5672.127 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi @subbareddy.venna789,
Please check the antivirus.