Template file exists - issue?

Hi - I am working on a task in the ansible advance course.

When I tried to do the verification “check” it will for some reason not accept the first one called" Template file exists"

The task is number 2 and is about the files/db-load-script.sql used to load data into database. convert this file into a template and store it as a db-load.script-sql.j2 - I tried to do the whats described in the solution and I also change the module name from copy to template: and change the source extension to j2 in the yaml playbook file . I also check to see if the template file got copied to the db-server and there was no issue as well…

so I need some advice on this one - thx in advance

lab: - task number 2

Hello @jeppeqvist,

I’m will check this one with my team and get back.
Can you share your screenshot with the error message that you currently face?


here are the pics on my onedrive “no errors in the playbook when i run it” FYI