Tasks suddenly showing expired

Hi, i had been checking for days to see if new task had been assigned but nothing showing, today i log on and find one showing as expired and another that was hours away, luckily i could start that and click try later so it doesn’t expire.

Has anyone else had this happen over the last week?

Usually, if email notification is enabled, you will receive email for every new task assigned. But I observed that many times, no email is received but a new task is assigned.

Every task assigned has an expiry date. If not attempted before that it is expired. Only after a task is expired or attempted (failed or success) another task is assigned.

Hope it helps.

Appreciate the response @kleansoul, this wasn’t just not receiving the email, these didn’t even show in Tasks until today as i had been checking in each day to see if it was just that the email hadn’t arrived. Hopefully just a one off.