Tasks assignments algorithm

I was getting so far tasks with increasing number of experience points… 10+ for 200 points than 5-7 for 600 points and yesterday one for 1000 points. Today however I got one again for only 200 points.
Is it system mistake or just normal behavior ? If it is system error could you assign to me appropriate task for 100o+ points, please ?

Hi thanks for reaching out. This is normal behaviour. Tasks are assigned randomely.

So basically people with bad luck won’t be able to reach top because even if they do every single task, every single day they won’t get even close enough points than others? :smiley:

Exactly it is completely unfair. I should mention that tasks should be given based on experience so I hardly can imagine to get back tasks to create group.


Thanks for reporting your concerns. Like Mumshad mentioned these tasks are assigned randomly but every user will be assigned each task at certain point of time so ultimately you will compete for equal points in total.

So far I did 18 tasks - only 2 of them were worth 600exp and 2 for 300. Everything else was worth 200exp and it took me less than 5 mins to solve.

This means almost a month of work and all I get is information that I am mediocre according to public ranking. What do you think about chances of me to remain motivated and actually get to this “certain point of time”? And I can only assume that there are others who simply quit because of being bored/not rewarded enough after weeks of commitment…

Something is not correct with task assignments value, According to intro video we start from basic tasks and then according to our progress we get medium and difficult one.
In sysadmin level it seems we have 200 - basic, 600 - medium and 1000 - advanced tasks so far.
In my opinion it does not make sense to return from advanced tasks to basic once. It is like giving senior junior work. Its ok to even extend basic level to 20-50 200pts tasks but after person proves his skills and advance to next level he should not get any more basic tasks.
I got so far 13 x 200 pts, 3 x 300 pts, 6x 600 pts and 1 x 1000pts.
If for some reason you want to randomly assign tasks at least there should be pools and every n tasks should come from particular pool, eg. every day 200, every 3 day 300, every 6th day 600 etc
of course this frequency should depend on the experience level and time of task completion.

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Thank you for your feedback, we are actively trying to make improvements and changes as per your recommendations. We will keep you all updated as soon as we implement new changes.

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Thanks for the feedback! :+1: