Tasks assignments algorithm Changes needed

Can you do some improvements in tasks assignments algorithm ? I mean I understand and even agree that tasks should be repeated but at least can you ensure that we have repeated tasks only after we complete at least once all the others ? I completed 73 tasks and still did not have eg. creating Web application for 1000 points but many tasks were repeated some at least 3 times. It would be good to give less frequency for easy tasks for people with some solid points as they proved already the knowledge and should get more interesting and difficult tasks. In normal company can you imagine senior sysadmin to create user account ? Do not understand me wrongly it is ok to get repeated tasks and even easy tasks I vote only for some reasonable frequency by getting them and receive variety of questions to grow and learn always new things.


@andrzej thanks for reporting this. We will definitely look into it .

Thanks @andrzej we are working on some improvements. @riteshchoudhary2605

Thanks @mmumshad. I think whole community will benefit from fair task assignments algorithm. It allows people to grow and learn new thing while some repetition will keep us not forgetting others !

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