Tasks are repeating

Hi Admin/team,

I could see most of the tasks are now repeating. Initially i took one, but seems if we dont complain they are following sequence and old tasks are on their way. I have even seen most of the time the questions have same ports to allow/block two different services(for instance apache/nginx - allow/deny traffic to 8089 etc) and also create static website for same directories. When we refresh the page, we then get the task corrected.

Request you to kindly look into these issues, as I have seen most people complaining about similar things in this community forum.


I got so far 64 tasks, 31 from them were repeated some of them up to 5 times. If we can trust what is in advertisement of KKE there are 100+ tasks at least 36 tasks won’t appear for me. Algorithm is definitely wrong and needs improvement. Tasks can eventually appear again but for sure not more than 2 times until all other tasks will be fulfilled by assignee. I am talking about successful completion, after failure it can be more often of course. Please have a look into this subject mentioned many times on this forum already.