Task related query

Hi All,
I recently joined the community and received my first task as Linux kernel parameter but not sure what to do as I don’t see any documentation on what to do under this task as to set any parameter or to change any value as nothing specific is mentioned or any documentation where i can get the details.

Any suggestions or help please

Hi Roopal.Mishra,

 Welcome to the community.

 Please go through the project documentation https://kodekloudhub.github.io/kodekloud-engineer/docs/projects/nautilus

About KodeKloud Engineer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnqjHRCZEt0

There will be no hints given for the tasks, you have do it on your own. But if you struck anywhere you can always reach to the community.

Hi ,
I am quite confused here what task need to be done as I logged in DC machine and check sysctl.conf file and that file is not having any thing .what need to be done as task assignment is not understandable .Do you want me to set up new machine. As a begginer I need some support .

@roopal.mishra You don’t need to setup new machine, You have to do simple ssh. Ip & password you will get from project documentation.

Hi Team,
I have change kernal parameter according to the requirement but my task is showing failed .Please find attachment for reference

you have set the kernel parameter temporary basis. To make it permanent after boot up go in
$ vi /etc/sysctl.conf