Task - Linux Service - httpd - done correctly


I have done the task - Linux service - which requires installing httpd service on the 3 app servers by running the command - sudo yum install httpd -y and have also ensured that it starts on reboot by using this command - sudo chkconfig httpd on

The only thing is that i have rebooted the app server - stapp01 but it is not coming back on. So the tasks have surely been done correctly but the Solution checker cannot verify this on app server 1 as it has not rebooted yet.

Please verify the above mentioned commands are correct and change my task status to “Success” from “Failed” shown at present.


You should not have rebooted the server.

Sure, ok.

But the reason to reboot was to verify that my command has been successfully executed or not.
So if the httpd service came back on automatically on boot, then done correctly , else something not quite right.

Or can you suggest any other way to check this execution without actual reboot ?


You could ensure that by listing the enabled services using systemctl and could find out if httpd service is present there. Every service that is enabled will be started during boot time. Anyways I am putting this task in Pending state for you so you can give it another try.



Thanks for your support and suggestion. Helpful indeed.
Have successfully completed this task now.


Hi @Inderpreet

I completed my task and started httpd service on all three app servers on port 3004. Still my task is failed . May I know the reason for the same.



@vikki.saroha did you verify if Apache was reachable from jump host as well ?