Task: Linux Archives - Failed

Recently I completed a Task named: Lunux Archives, I am sure I did it correctly, but result shows it failed, could someone correct where it went wrong, Thanks.
Task was to create an archive of kirsty of name: kirsty.tar.gz and move it into the another folder /home and I did so, please check below output for your reference and let me know where it went wrong, Thanks!

[[email protected] data] tar -cf kirsty.tar.gz kirsty [[email protected] data] ls
kirsty kirsty.tar.gz
[[email protected] data] [[email protected] data] sudo mv kirsty.tar.gz /home/

We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System
Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

#1) Respect the privacy of others.
#2) Think before you type.
#3) With great power comes great responsibility.

[sudo] password for natasha:
[[email protected] data] cd /home [[email protected] home] ls
ansible kirsty.tar.gz natasha
[[email protected] home] [[email protected] home] [email protected]_host /$ Connection to host01 clos

Hi @Dinesh1202

You are asked to create a .tar.gz archive which means a tar archive with gzip compression. The command you used to create the archive is incorrect tar -cf command will create a simple tar archive without any compression even if you use extension .tar.gz. You had to use z option along with that for creating gzip compressed archive.

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