Task is failed for the 3rd time

I don’t know where is the issue

Your 2nd sed search pattern is still wrong. Even the first is wrong if you ask me. It works for you by chance.

sed -e '/\<following/>/d' /home/BSD.txt > /home/BSD_DELETE.txt
sed -e 's/\<from\>/their/g' /home/BSD.txt > /home/BSD_REPLACE.txt

If you are asked to work on words you have to use word boundaries in the search pattern.
Thats it <\word\> (universal) or <\bword\b> GNU sed only.


I tried the above and it is failed too

If you just copied it without adjusting it for the specific task requirement, yes, most probably the task will fail

Hi Sabreen & other users, follow this will help to know ur mistake. keep learning

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