Task - Install and Configure DB server


Not sure if it is just me but this particular tasks does not allow me to scp the db.sql file in /home/thor on the jump server to the stdb01 server inorder for me to restore the database.

Yum repo is not allowing me to install scp on stdb01 server. Is this meant to be?

I cant seem to find a way to restore the database from a remote server without the need to copy the file across first so I can use the command to restore to the newly created database i.e. kodekloud_db:

mysql -h localhost -u root -p kodekloud_db < /path/to/db.sql


Sorry got it working as i didnt realise that openssh-client was missing from the db server. Thanks.

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Refer below to understand the task. all the best

Hello @swatip,

Please don’t provide full solutions…