Task Failed - Linux Banners

I just completed the Task on setting up the banner.

I have set banner on all the application servers. I am not sure why it still says Failed.

Hello, kp3642
How did you performed this task?

Created one file …added banner text inside it and then

in vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

changed the Banner property.

Should it be done some other way?

Hello, kp3642
We need to add banner in the /etc/motd.

But when i sshed into the server, it showed the newly added banner. wasn’t the functionality sufficent ? or the procedure ? if Admins use it that way, then it’s good . I learnt a new thing.

Doing the otherway has any disadvanteags ? Just for my knowledge.

@Inderpreet any idea on the above issue ?

@kp3642 You also should to set the banner on Db Server for complete the task. Do you applied this?