Task difficulty assigned


Since I have some experience with Linux, I think it is a good idea to give question with difficulty based on the years of experiences mentioned on each one’s profile.

I have 5 years experience and I got a task to add a user, and I have to wait 24-48h to get another task.

The same thing goes with field, people wanna go deep in administration, security, troubleshooting, devops … maybe you could add a new section with title “Prefered field” and associate field “difficulty of tasks”

Example: (difficulty : 5 the highest, 1 the lowest)
Administration: 5
Security: 3
Ansible: 2
Docker: 4
Kubernetes: 5
Troubleshooting: 4


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Another way to look at it would be to assign more task if someone is completing regularly & quickly.

Thanks for the suggestions. We will definitely look into it. The way it works is our algorithm will automatically identify your experience based on the tasks you complete, time taken to complete etc and assign more complex tasks to you. But it needs some time to learn, so you must complete tasks currently assigned.

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