Task: creating a group and adding an user to group on all application servers

  1. sudo groupadd nautilus_developers
  2. sudo useradd -G nautilus_developers jarod
  3. sudo usermod -a -G nautilus_developers jarod
  4. getent passwd | grep jarod

why are there 2 uids and grpids? I only created one uid and grpid.

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successfully completed the task.
Thank you @vijin for clarifying my doubt


Remember you have to run the commands is all three App servers.
app server 1
app server 2
app server 3
Go luck!

i have created group and users in all the app server varified it but in the end application said i failed to update in 2nd application server i didn’t take the screenshot.
I have used same command to create and add user and varified it with same command mentioned above.

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