Task - Create a Cron Job Failed


This task is saying that I failed it due to “Required cron not found for root user on stapp01”.

Before i submitted my work, i doubled checked with the command:

crontab -u root -l

and verified that the cronjob was owned by root user. Not sure why it has marked this task as failed. Any reason why? If not I would like this task to be re-submitted to me please.

hello @kevin.munue.fong,

can you share your crontab to look over?


Hi Rahul,

How do I share the crontab results as I cant see anyway to log back into the server I performed the task with?

Hey kevin,

You must be knowing the steps or crontab file?


the steps I took was:

  1. log into the server stapp01, 02 and 03
  2. switched to root user
  3. used command crontab -e
  4. insert the cron job as described in the task
  5. checked to ensure that the cron job was under root user by using command crontab -u root -l

I think you forgot to start the crond.service.

im sure i started it just like the other 2 app servers. Just forgot to put it in my steps above