Task Assignment Timing Flexibility

Hi KodeKloud Team,

I think currently you are using a fixed time in a day to assign a new task which is around 1:00 PM CET. The challenge is that if the previous day task getting completed even 5 mins after this task assignment cutoff timing we have to wait for another 24 hrs (next day task assignment timing of 1:00 PM CET). This way participants remain idle or not able to utilize their remaining timing of the day for any additional work even though he/she is willing to do it.

As per my understanding you validate that previously assigned task is completed (Passed/Failed/Expired) before you assign a new task. So, I would recommend you can remove the fixed task assignment timing & make it flexible to assign new task as soon as task is submitted (at least for Passed task). Also you experimented of assigning a new task after a previous task is completed 2-3 weeks back. So, I would suggest please implement the task assignment timing flexibility.

Kindly consider this suggestion & I hope other will also agree with this suggestion.



I think that a new Task should be assigned as soon as you pass a Task successfully.
That would be highly beneficial for the users.

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