Task 6: Start the postgres DB on the devdb01 server

does anybody knows if this is a glitch or am I doing something wrong? the service seems to be active after running the following:
sudo systemctl start postgresql

You can use the journalctl command to view the system logs for PostgreSQL. The specific command will vary depending on your distribution, but something like journalctl -u postgresql should get you started. Look for any errors or warnings that might indicate why the service exited.

  • Sometimes a service can get into a bad state and simply needs to be restarted. You can try restarting the PostgreSQL service with the following command:

sudo systemctl restart postgresql

Your unit file appears to be running the command /bin/true and not the postgres server.

Therefore the status is active (exited) since the true command simply runs and immediately exits with (0/SUCCESS)

Thanks guys for your quick responses, apparently I had added the line that needed to be added in the task in the wrong place, after commenting that line again using the “#” and adding the line at the end of the file made it worked