Task 1 asking for sudo password

Hi , I am new to this and really enjoying the platform.

However, on the 1st task I have come across an issue that the usage of ;sudo’ asks me for a password to ‘thor’ ?? My command was:
sed -i ‘s/Text/Architecture/g’ /root/nautilus.xml
(said I did not have permission) so I then added:
sudo sed -i ‘s/Text/Architecture/g’ /root/nautilus.xml
Then asks me for a password?
please help
I will include a screenshot here:

This link contains all the information you need including passwords.

Thanks for your reply, However, it does not allow me to access root. I will enclose a screenshot of my commands:

The first command o/p shows you don’t have permission to access the file.
But second o/p shows, the file you are searching is not present there.


HI and thanks for that Rajesh. I am not certain what you mean, the 1st I did not include the Sudo command, afterwards I included it and the file says not present there - yes I can read the notes quite clearly (!)

I actually need a bit of guidance as to why it says that? If that is the file directly in the question how can it not be existing in the answer? I am not understanding the objective here - please assist.