Task 1: Adding User

I have updated my one-liner

in the terminal.

Hi Pwalters2004,

You are facing any issues with the task?

Could you please elaborate/

I clicked on finish and received a notification that I failed. It said, the terminal will expire in 5 minutes within the 5 minutes I tried again, double checked my work, screenshot it and was not able to re-submit.

Is “re-submitting” not an available feature with the 5 minute window.


If you have already clicked on Finish button then re-submission is not possible. Please make sure you only click on Finish once you are done with your task and confident about your answer. Otherwise you can close/reload the environment without clicking on Finish and it will start from scratch for you. But also note that you have to finish the assigned task before due date otherwise it will expire.

Thank you for your feedback.