Swarm Setup 2 node Cluster ( correction needed)

Dear Instructor,
In the video of “Swarm setup 2 node cluster”, there is a mistake
"docker node ls " you are mentioning it can run in any node, p

but in real you cannot, you can run "docker node ls " only from the manager and not from the nodes

pasting the command and its out put which I got when trying out in nodes

[email protected]:~$ docker node ls
Error response from daemon: This node is not a swarm manager. Worker nodes can’t be used to view or modify cluster state. Please run this command on a manager node or promote the current node to a manager

Hello joseph.john,

yes, u 're right! and thanks for reporting. We will fix it ASAP.

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Hi @joseph.john ,
Video has been updated. Once again thanks for your continuous feedback. Much appreciated.

KodeKloud Support