Suggestions for people requesting help

I’d like to make a couple quick suggestions that I believe will increase both the likelihood and effectiveness of people wanting to help you when you encounter problems…

In a word, Screenshots. Stating “I did A correctly but failed the test” usually isn’t enough information for anyone without access to the server logs to assist you.

More specifically, take screenshots of what you state was done successfully in addition to the step you’re currently stuck on. Understanding the what and how of what you’ve done can often be helpful with debugging problems that don’t contain “error in line number” type error messages.

If you truly believe you’ve done everything correctly (i.e. all of your validation commands have executed “successfully” without error), be sure to include a screenshot of the task description (I ALWAYS take one before clicking the “Finish” button) like the example below…

I saw someone else post an issue with the same task from my screenshot, but they didn’t include the task instructions. Their curl commands all returned the expected response, but they used port 6300 in all of their curl commands. I’ve noticed that things like ports, database, and user names appear to be pseudo-randomly generated, so I couldn’t accurately guess whether someone mistyped the port once, then used copy/paste (as I often do) to repeat the error or whether they were actually instructed to use port 6300.

Another tip, is to take screenshots of the validation steps on every host specified in the task description before finishing the task. I’ve seen people claim that they completed the task but only show proof on app server 1. When someone does this, I’m led to believe that they either did not configure or validate the other two app servers. If you “show your work” on all of the hosts being validated, I think you’ll find that more people are willing to chime in and assist…

I hope this helps,


Hi @peterwhite

I agree with you 100%. The more information you share on your issue the easy some else will be able to assist.


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