Suggestion for Labs

Have a suggestion –
Currently when a lab runs out of time, it AUTOMATICALLY skips to the next lession EVEN IF you did not complete every task within the lab. Then you have to click back to the modules list to redo the lab you were in so that you can go back and finish it successfully.

I propose that you change it so it gives us an option to RESTART the lab we were doing OR skip to the next lesson. I prefer to complete each task in every lab before continuing to the next, so I don’t miss any important material. PLEASE fix this!

Thank you.

Hello @cjb
You can reset the lab from the button above the terminal as you see in the attached screenshot

@Ayman That button DISAPPEARS when the lab times out. It’s no longer available.

Hi @cjb,
Thanks for your valuable suggestions. Definitely, I will share this with the labs team.
In the meantime, can you please let us know for which lab are you talking about?


Hey @Tej-Singh-Rana
I have taken multiple courses and it’s the same for all the labs in every course I have taken.

once the lab times out it goes to this screen.

There should be an option from here to retry the lab

Hi @cjb ,
I have forwarded this to the concerned team. But you can reload this page, and the start button will appear.


That’s not true. When you reload the page it takes you back to the LIST of labs and it automatically highlights the NEXT lab so you have to select the one you were in before and hit start lab.

this still needs to be fixed
here is an example of why
i go to “My Account” and the course shows the lesson that is AFTER the lesson that I still did not complete successfully.

“Mock Exam 2” is NOT where i left off at. I was working on Mock Exam 1 but didnt complete it (it timed out)
It should show you the LAST lesson/lab that you were working on when it timed out.