Suggestion for lab on building simple application on node.js and mySQL

Hi, I would request you to add a simple Hello World application that runs on node.js and inserts records in mySQL. This way it helps to understand the microservices architecture better from programming perspective too, though we are trying to understand the deployment structure of the these programming languages.

Hi anujmittal42
Thanks for the suggestion also we have a section of Microservices
Architecture on our Kubernetes course which includes a useful example with many components such as Redis and Postgres, .net applications.

Yes, I have done that already as part of Udemy and is really good.
Those are containers with code already built and docker built. However, the point I was making on one of the programming languages like node.js - how to write sample hello world with connection to DB (can be any MySQL/Mongo/Oracle), build that and deploy. That helps understand at least one programming language alongwith nosql DB.