Subitted NTP Server configuration and getting Incomplete message



Installed NTP package on APP Server 1 and added given ntp server on allowed list, but getting message the given ntp server list is not added on App server1. Please find the attachment.

Hi @kodekloud

In this NTP task, there are some words, “do not attempt to start/restart/stop ntp service since we’ve planned to restart tonight”. When i redo the task to add correct ntp server name in /etc/ntp.conf , After adding the correct ntp server name as per the task in /etc/ntp.conf file, still am getting “you have not added correct ntp server name” message.

Hey, as this is a KodeKloud Engineer Portal task, can you share it for review in the portal so that you can get immediate response to your query.

same error for me.

seems that we need to change one of the servers(1/2/3/4) to server which given in the task.
as for me it’s not clear. because we can use more that 4 ntp server, and as they are different they’ll not affect each other.

Well. i’d checked one more time.
if we’ll comment all other servers it’ll be ok.
better to change task description to “set ntp servers:”
or to change checking script so if students add new server to the 4 existing it’ll pass.

HI @vulturem.i
Please mark the task to review and paste the link here, then we can see how you implement it and help you move forward


as i already said
i did this task from 2nd try
answer is this “if we’ll comment all other servers it’ll be ok.”