Stopping/rename a running machine using minikube


I am using minikube and trying to stop an existing cluster and rename its config details - so that i can start another cluster with same profile name with different driver from first.
In case the new cluster with different driver creation is not successful, i try to restart the old machine after reverting the config details.
Is this a right approach in k8s ? I try to rename the running container in case of KIC after stopping it so that the machine is down and we can start another machine with same cluster name.

Can someone help me understand th nuts and bolts of this approach of mine.
Any docs or blogs to help learn more about these concepts would be much appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, @vinu2003

With profiles feature in minikube lets you create multiple clusters in different machines with different names.
Without setting a profile the default profile will create a VM called “minikube”.

minikube profile default
minikube profile was successfully set to minikube

Set the profile to another name,

minikube profile dev

and create a new Minikube VM with that profile name

minikube start --profile dev

With the profile set to “dev”, the VM created in VirtualBox will (should) be named “dev”.