Static Website Configuration

I have been given below tasks, in which I am able to installed Apache and change port from 80 to 8080 in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf file. However I am not able to understand, how to move static website html file from jump_host to app servers. Thought of transferring the files to storage servers shared directory /data, however scp command is not found. Could someone please help me out here:

xFusionCorp Industries planning to host two static websites on their infra in Stratos Datacenter . The development of these websites is still in-progress but we want to get the servers ready. The storage server has a shared directory /data that is mounted on each app host under /var/www/html directory. Please perform below given steps to accomplish the task:

a. Install httpd package and dependencies on all app hosts.

b. Apache should serve on port 8080 within the apps.

c. There are two website’s backups /home/thor/media and /home/thor/news on jump_host . Setup them on Apache in a way that media should work on link http://<<lb-url>>/media/ and news should work on link http://<<lb-url>>/news . (do not worry about load balancer configuration, its already configured)

d. You can access the website on LBR link, to do so click on the + button on top of your terminal and select option Select port to view on Host 1 and after adding port 80 click on Display Port.

install openssh client with the help of following command on app server

yum -y install openssh-clients

this will resolve scp command is not found issue