Ssh into playground inside gcp and internet access in the instance

I’m not able to access the instance created gcp playground, neither is the instance able to download anything from internet.
Just a simple ping to google turns out in a timeout operation same for trying to connect via ssh

Any help would me much appreciated

The screenshot you see is opening ssh from the browser. However trying to ssh from my local machine does not work and turns into a timeout

Hello @daniel.klinkert,

We noticed the issue with the GCP playground outbound traffics, possibly caused by the default firewall rule. Out engineering team are working on it, we will keep you updated.


Hi @daniel.klinkert,
Please create a default route for this.
How to create a route for this? I showed it in the attached screenshots.

Instructions to create a new route as follows: -

I am able to ping after setting up the route.

Please try it and let me know.

Thank you very much for the quick response.
Indeed that fixed the issue. thanks again


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