Slides for DevOps Pre-requisites Course

I’m going through the course and noticed in a several places the slides that were available for download do not always match course lecture slides. In some cases there are no slides that match the course lectures at all. Is it possible to get the actual slides used in the lectures? I’d like to use them for a reference.

Looks like this question was asked a few times going back to April.

@credog , Did you download the slides from the Course Deck. Please let us know which section has the mismatch.

Yes. I downloaded the slides, however sections like YAML, Json, and some others are not in the the deck. I would just like to get a copy of the slides used in the lecture presentation if possible.

@tgp having same experience as @credog

I’m going over “DevOps Pre-Requisite Course” and got the DevOps-Pre-Requisites-v2.pdf but noticed that the pdf file is not aligned to what was shown in the videos. Some topics are shown in the videos but it’s not in the pdf. The sequence in the pdf is also not aligned to the video course.

Can I have the updated pdf file which has all what was presented in the videos and in correct order, please? Thank you

@jcayab , Thanks for pointing it out. We will check this.

Could you please share the answer because I face the same issue .

@Kloge5 , We have corrected the slides. Could you please let us know the exact issue you are facing.

@tgp just downloaded the file and don’t see SCM, Security, General Pre-Requisites, 2 Tier Applications and Conclusion in the latest DevOps-Pre-Requisites-v2.pdf. Pls update the file with all that was presented in the course.

It would also be good to update here that you uploaded the complete one so others can know. Thanks.

Hi tgp,

I am a new learner on this platform. I am doing the Devops Prerequisites courses at the moment and I have noticed that in the Networking Prerequisites section except the objectives the rest of this section is missing in the pdf. Example Switch, Dns.
In the section Set up Lab
I was also wondering how to set up a VM and a Vagrantfile for a French or German keybords.

I thank you in advance for your answers.

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Could you please update the slides? For example the networking section is still missing completely (except of the objectives) as of July '22

Hi @weber-alina,
I forwarded this to the concerned team. They will check and will fix it.