Site Broken? All courses missing

For some reason all of the courses don’t seem to be working for me, it’s just displaying an empty page.

Anyone else have this problem?


Seeing the same behaviour. Was in the middle of a lab and it started to time out. Logging in timed out was well. No I’m seeing 0 sessions in the labs.

Yeah not able to view course contents.

same here . not able to load any course

Same here.
It shows:
Sorry, no courses were found.

Same with mine. Not showing any course.

yes same issue not able to open the course content

Same for me , no course content was found !!

No course content for me also. Been like this for 2 hours.

Same here. I can’t access CKS course

Hi @Alex-Ingino @nori @dangersour123 @saurabh.cognixia004 @wke6017 @Chrys-Reyes @naveenedukulla @Lishas-Kitchen @jpbautistaiii @rsamban
Sorry for this inconvenience. This issue has been resolved. Please check and let us know.


Thanks . Yes it has been resolved and i successfully completed my course.