Shell Commands in Jenkinsfile stages

I want to run the below commands in one of the steps of Jenkinsfile:

  1. az login --service-principal -u ${AZCOPY_SP_ID_SECRET_USR} -p ${AZCOPY_SP_ID_SECRET_PSW} --tenant ${TRUATA_TENANT_ID}

  2. “date -u -d ‘15 minutes’ ‘+%Y-%m-%dT%H:%MZ’”

  3. az storage container generate-sas --account-name ${ADLS_SOURCE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT} -n ${ADLS_SOURCE_CONTAINER} --https-only --permissions lrw --expiry {date_output}"""

The idea is to do az login → run the date command → store the output of date in a variable → run az storage command to generate a SAS token referencing that date output as one of the flags.

How can I achieve this?

Note: I have defined all the vars globally, in the environment section of the Jenkinsfile

The Declarative pipeline in following link will be usefull: