Setup passwordless login for 2 servers but task failed for all 3 app servers

TOday I got a task to setup passwordless login to 3 app servers . I have successfully setup passwordless login for 2 servers but task failed for all 3 app servers. Can you please check why?

Thank you for all that you’re doing.

Vinoth Kumar K


You have setup passwordless SSH authentication for a thor user which is not being on application servers. SSH users for the application servers are tony, steve and banner. Check Nautilius documentation page.:face_with_monocle:


Hi @Salim
where can I find the Nautilius documentation please

is it your first task?

Hi @fmakeunch

Here is the link,

Thought the question was to setup passwordless access for thor. Not sure if it was for individual users on each server or thor. Maybe I overlooked and setup for thor. Thank you Salim.

By the way, Did you happen to get the same kind of question and setup passwordless access for individual users - tony, steve and banner?

Yes, I completed this task earlier.

Cool, looks like I misunderstood the question. Thank you :smile:

yes it is my first task and I still don’t understand how it works

Thank U I really appreciate that

can you tell me which password to use for this assignment? I tried several password fund on the documentation and I still get access denied error


Just check the Nautilus documentation page, it has user names and passwords for all servers in Stratos DC.

You are following wrong procedure i guess. Usually you are doing ssh according to screenshot. SSH trying to find same host user in other side and by mistake you don’t know that user password so kindly follow documentation of KodeKloud project descriptions.
click here for documentation