Setting banner on all stratos servers

Hi, The architecture diagram says,
I can jump onto

  1. stlb01 from jump server or any of the app servers . I can’t seem to be able to do this. How do i logon to it?
  2. Stbkp01,ststor01 can be logged on to from app servers. I can’t seem to be able to do this. Hostnames of these two servers are not recognized from the app servers (stapp01,stapp02,stapp03).
  3. Can’t seem to have information how the mail server is connected and from where stmail01.

Please can you clarify on these, so that i can set banners on these servers for login.

Hi There!

The question related to the banner requires you to add set up the banner in all DB and App servers for Nautilus. This is not needed to be set up on the mail server (shared services).

All servers should have ssh access from the jump server.

Use the jump server for all ssh connections.

Hi vijin.palazhi ,
Can you help out with this issue .
First , I am not arriving to connect trhough ssh from jumper , this is the step I carry out ,
ssh stdb01 and the password I enter is : Sp!dy according to the documents . But it doesn’t work , can you help me out .
My purpose is to access the /etc/ssh/sshd.conf and and specify the path of my banner in order to do set up .


On jump host you are logged in using user thor by default. So if you try to SSH into any server (without specifying the user) like this ssh stdb01 it will try to SSH into that host using user thor. Since for database server user is peter so you should try SSH into it like this ssh [email protected].

I hope it is helpful.


Thanks for reply , I 'm gonna try it now .

It has worked and I thank you again . But I’m not arriving to install fliget in order to get the same banner that the one on /home/thor/nautilus_banner , so can you give a hint ? or should I create one the way I want it .


If you have the banner template present on jump host then you need to copy that first to the target host and then use the same. Just to give you a hint here you can use scp command to copy file from one server to another. I hope it will help.


SCP command only works with application server not database i tried then i use to copy the content and miss the final line and i failed in the task to update it in the db server

just copy the content and paste it in the respective servers, keep each server in one tab

Thank you

Hi @mohamedyasser

If SCP don’t work for DB server try to troubleshoot that, possibly some packages are missing or something and that is kept intentionally that way.