Services what is /usr/bin/python and /opt/code/

Hi im not understanding the services concept

what is /usr/bin/python and /opt/code/
what is is basically means

and one more thing i have forgot my ubuntu sudo root password is their any way to reset the password , kindly share me the details regarding this .

Hello @ramkumar,

Here we are creating a Service, with the name my_app, where we can invoke from anywhere without having to find out the command to use, the path of the python3 compiler/interpreter, or the path of the program. We can simply startup / invoke the service, bu its service name.

/usr/bin/python3 /opt/code/ - This is the cli to invoke python3 and start execution of the python program
This above CLI will be mentioned in the ExecStart of the my_app.service file.

Description=My python web application

ExecStart=/usr/bin/python3 /opt/code/

These are very interesting areas, which you will be able to pick up very quickly if you go through ‘The Linux Basic Course’

It covers a lot of Unix essentials that you will require to work on docker and kubernetes.
The services are demonstrated in the section - Service management with SYSTEMD.
Also the basic areas like ‘Linux Core Concepts’ - providing details on boot sequence, file type, filesystem, etc can be found.
Even after having some experience in developing on Unix/Linux environments - I am going through these basic concepts (fast pace) as a Revision.

Also wrt to the sudo password - the default password is the login password.

Mashiur Rahman