Seeking help to solve my issues

I set up an AWS playground to practice using AWS EKS. While I was able to successfully create the EKS cluster, I encountered issues when attempting to create a node group for it. Additionally, I was unable to create an OIDC provider for the ingress load balancer required to deploy the applications I wanted to test in the cluster. It was frustrating because an EKS control plane is useless without nodes and I couldn’t fully utilize the cluster without the node group. I am currently researching solutions to obtain the necessary permissions to create the node group and OIDC provider, so that I can proceed with my practice.

Hi @farhaz1449,
While creating EKS cluster NodeGroup, please check the following details: -

  1. You should be able to launch EKS with “Self-managed nodes”(As of now “Managed Node-group” and “Fargate Profile” will not work with EKS)
  2. Choose one of these instance types: *.nano, *micro, *.small, *.medium of t1,t2 and t3 instance class.
  3. Choose the disk type as “gp2” only.
  4. Maximum disk size per node allowed is 30GB.

Please give it a try and let me know.