Sed task "file not found"

I’m trying to attempt the sed task to replace some text and didn’t find the file which was given in the task.

Hi @scriptkiddo

In fact , the error message is about the redirection to the
 path file you specified.
 (which should  be  /home/BSD_DELETE.txt   and not  home/BSD_DELETE.txt )

You forget "/"  in your path file , that's why you get an error
"no such file or directory)

Good Luck !

Hello samer! thanks for the review now I;m getting a permission denied error for the BSD_DELETE.txt file. even thou I have corrected the redirection path.

@scriptkiddo , Could you please use sudo or try to save to /home/steve/ location.

Hi @scriptkiddo,

You must  switch to  'root'  user,   /home directory belongs to 'root'  ,
 ONLY 'root' user can write or  create file(s) in that directory

That's why you got the message: "permission denied'

Good Luck !