Script Shows Failed Message


I wrote the bash script but it shows " Task Status - Failed is not found on backup server"

Before submitting my task I executed my script and it worked properly. Please see the attached screenshot.

Onik Azad

I am expecting someone’s response here @mmumshad or team

Even my task failed with the same reason. But i have verified the zip file was present in the backup server before i finish the task. Hopefully @Ayman team will look into this issue.

@Ayman please respond

for which user you setup the password less, by another word from which user you ran ssh-keygen and ssh-copy-id cmds ??? you must run them by the user correspond to your server because ansible use the credentials of that user tony, steve or banner not root user.

Because of poor script, it can be failed we have to validate our scripts according to reboot of the system. We have to mention it in the script that it will run without interruption.