Runlevel changes failed

I have changed the default runlevel/Target to GUI,
But still the task failed,
Same thing happened with the first task, where I have changed the file permission to executable…but the task failed.

It depends how you changed the run level. did you use systemctl ?


I changed it in the file directly.

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This is no more supported in the redhat/centos 7 versions, you must use systemctl.
The files are being kept for information only

I used command “systemctl get-default” to check the runlevel/target value, and it gives me the required one. So my solution should get pass?

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Yes, but in think that if you restart the server, it will not be the default one.
Someone else can advise

Hi @yogi

We reviewed your answer and found that you have not made required changes on any server.

Did you make the changes after clicking on Finish ? If so please note that any changes made after clicking on Finish are not considered in original answer.