(root) Additional property db is not allowed [ when running docker-compse up]

Dear All,
Need help
When trying to follow the examples in the training video I am getting it to problems, with this message
(root) Additional property db is not allowed
each time I give docker-compose up, I get similar message

(root) Additional property worker is not allowed
(root) Additional property result is not allowed

My docker compose file I am adding it here as attachment for reference
please find the attached file
Guidance requested
Joseph John

The error left after we gave

version: ‘3.3’

in the beginning of the file
Appreciate if you edit the video content to reflect the same
Joseph John

uploading the working docker-compose.yaml file
extra fields I added was
version : ‘3.3’ [ not given in the video ]

and the PostgreSQL environment


Hello Joseph,
Please, check this lecture Docker Certified Associate Exam Course | KodeKloud

i faced the same problem after following the course and it is solved after following ur steps by adding version and services and environment in db property so I think they should update the video course to avoid misleading for future users