Rolling Updates in Kubernetes

Hi again @Tej-Singh-Rana @Inderpreet @rahul456 @kodekloud-support3

Back with another issue while the other one hasnt been fixed yet

Can you please tell me what have i done wrong here

@Tej-Singh-Rana and @kleansoul hey fellows
are you guys able to see what is wrong in my answer?

@Ayman @kodekloud-support3 @Inderpreet
can you please check my answers?

Can you confirm what was the task? Was it to roll up to a different image?

From your screenshot, I can see you made the image change using the edit command which says 1Edit cancelled, no changes made.

Incase you have used --record arg in kubectl rollout using imperative command, please provide the kubectl rollout history output.

@nashwan can you please give it an another try ? Also which other issue you are mentioning about, could you please share the thread link if any?

@Inderpreet thank you very much tried again, here is the error

Here is the link for other task i believe deserver another retry

Strange first time is RollingUpdate and second time Recreate @nashwan. I think you treated this as per old reviews/tasks. Maybe this time you just need to update image version that’s it. But i noticed there is no words to use Strategy Type Recreate. Don’t worry KKE team will look into this. By default, k8s deployment gets RollingUpdate.

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@Tej-Singh-Rana I am doing what is been asked in the tasks. its really strange.
I hope @Inderpreet can take a look and see what is wrong with this task.

Yeah i noticed and mentioned it.

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@rahul456 could you check those task if possible please?

@nashwan We fixed this issue. This is marked Success for you.

@Inderpreet thank you very much, can you please take a look at other tasks as well please?
1- Git install and create bare repo
2- Ansible blockinfile module - task failed
3- Kubernetes Sidecar Containers - lab seems to have issues