RHCSA (EX200) Exam Content (RHCSA 8 or RHCSA 9)


I want to know which version of the RHCSA exam we have the materials for. Looking at posts from Oct-Nov’22 I see that the content is still for v8.

Can somebody clarify what the changes are from v8-v9 and what other supplementary materials might be needed?


Is the current course up to date for the RHCSA 9?

Yes, the course is updated to RHEL9, however it does cover RHEL8 too.

The updates are applied to each section as necessary.

Does that include the mock exams at the end of the RHCSA as updated since Red hat no longer provides RHCSA 8 as a chocie for the exam and its’ all RHCSA 9?

That is correct, the entire course has been updated with RHEL9 content, the mock exams too.

Any RHEL8 content in the Mock Exams is clearly labeled as specifically for RHEL8, which you can choose to skip if you choose so.

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Thank you so much , I am more than half way through the course and I wasn’t sure thank you for your quick response.