RHCSA course is up to date to clear RHCSA v9 exam?

dear @mmumshad and @Aaron-Lockhart

could you please clarify whether the current RHCSA course is up to date to clear the RHCSA v9 (EX200) certification exam ?

If not,could you please tell us the list of topics which are added in v9 .

Yes. The parts that are updated in the videos/exams are clearly marked that it is for RHEL 9.

The RHEL 8 content is still in the course, but the RHEL 9 updates are added too.

I would say the content is not up to date to clear RHCSA. There are a lot of unnecessary section such as squid or stratis that are no longer part of RHCSA 9 and should be removed. There are also some exercise that teaching bad practices such as the Container one where solution is to run rootful container instead of rootless container.
The course is still good for the most part and comprehensive but I suggest having a secondary source of learning to make sure that you know when the course derails from the RHCSA objectives.